Mini Watermelons
  • Small fruit with crisp flesh, intense bright red in colour with a thin striped green skin. Strong flavour with a sweetness of 12 degrees Brix.

  • sandia_02
Premium Watermelons
  • Oval-shaped fruit, striped skin, red flesh with very small seeds, with a strong flavour and high sugar content.

  • sandia_premium
Black Watermelons
  • Medium-sized fruit, almost round, dark green skin, red flesh with seeds.

  • sandia_negra_
Seedless Watermelons
  • Uniform medium-sized fruit, striped skin with narrow bands on a light-coloured background. Bright red flesh, with very few white seeds and high sugar content.

  • sandia_sin_semilla
Fashion Watermelons
  • Dark green seedless fruit with flesh that is crisp, intense red in colour and uniformly sweet from the skin to the centre.

  • 10533_sandia_fashion